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About us

Our company provides cooking classes that cater to children aged 6 to 12, where they can learn to prepare healthy and delicious meals under the guidance of experienced chefs.

Our classes are designed to develop children's creative and culinary abilities while improving coordination and social skills.


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In this course, children will learn how to cook a variety of pastries, ranging from simple cakes and pastries to complex cakes

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"Vegetarian Chef "


In this course, children will learn the basics of vegetarian cuisine and cooking dishes without meat

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"Gourmet Expert "


On this course, children will learn different methods of cooking, ranging from frying and baking to vacuum cooking

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"The World of Exotic Cuisine"


In this course, children will become acquainted with the culinary traditions of different countries and prepare dishes from ingredients they may be unfamiliar

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Why is it useful?

The courses presented by our company will help your children to develop their creativity, learn a lot and learn how to cook delicious and healthy food. In addition, the courses will help children improve their movement coordination and develop social and communication skills.

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